Thank you for reaching out and asking for help!  I realize it's not easy.  Especially if you were taught not to ask for help or you're "crazy" if you see a therapist.  Let me reassure you that you are actually taking care of yourself.  Because one of my passions is helping people move through the heaviness of the oppressive influences in their lives, you are in the right place.  My areas of focus represent my passion as well as some of my lived experiences.  While I’ve been providing grief and loss counseling (including pet loss) for years, it wasn’t until my dad died that I realized my lived experience has given me a deeper understanding of loss.  Another lived experience that gives me a unique perspective is my biracial identity.  Being half brown-half white gives me insight into the dominant culture while also knowing what it's like to be a minority.  And because I'm human too, I've experienced the stress of life's many changes.  I can help you find ways to rechannel your own stress and anxiety.  One last thing you need to know about me is that I view my role in therapy as a therapeutic partner with my clients.  It’s about how our strong therapeutic alliance can benefit you in overcoming the oppressive influences in your life.  Feel free to call or email me and see if I’m the therapist you need as a therapeutic partner.


Photo: Jennifer O'Rourke

Together, we'll find the path back to your true authentic self!

Areas of Focus:

* Grief and Loss

* Historical Trauma/Cultural Healing

* Stress and Anxiety

* Couples’ Counseling

* LGBTQ Affirmative

* Trauma (If you have survived a traumatic experience, check with CalVCB to see if you qualify for their funding)